AxAi website is under construction and will be launched soon!

Dear community,

AxAi team thanks you for your patience while we prepare to launch our tax-free Caribbean cryptocurrency!

We are currently building our website which will:

  • Present all the information regarding AxAi project and real-world uses for our token,
  • Present our AxAi token and AIMining whitepapers in English and French,
  • Present our Leasing operations at the Waves Platform and Turtle Network,
  • Host our wordpress blog to keep you updated on our news, activities and announcements,
  • Host a forum to facilitate community discussions,
  • Provide links to all the exchange platforms where AxAi is listed,
  • Allow our clients to proceed with KYC verification for secured transactions, and
  • Provide our very own AxAi gateway so you can save 45% on cryptocurrency transaction fees!

This process takes a lot of time to finalize because we want to provide exceptional service to our clients and not just create another forgettable coin!!

Big news coming from AxAi in the coming weeks so STAY TUNED and KEEP HOLDING your AxAi!!

Kind Crypto Regards from the AxAi Team


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