Dear community,

Waves platform is organizing the “Game of Nodes” competition to help incentivise more people to run full nodes.😁

In a nutshell, nodes validate transactions and contribute to strengthening the Blockchain by increasing decentralization. 💪

Support WAT node by leasing your Waves👇

👉 WAT node on Waves Explorer 👈

By leasing, you will earn Waves proportional to your stake in the Node every time we forge a block!😁

If you are unfamiliar with leasing, PM admin of AxAi Telegram Group Chat for instructions🤗

The three nodes that increase their leasing stake the most within an eight week period will receive additional leases 1 million, 600K and 400K Waves!!


Let’s it make it happen folks!! 🤟

Read the full article on the “Game of Nodes” competition here👇

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