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We are honored to be listed 🙏

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Instructions to vote:
1 – Install Waves Keeper on your browser
2- Click on link above
3- Click on “Vote” for AxAi
4- Buy 10 WCT on Waves Decentralized Exchange
3- Cast your vote!


Welcome to AxAi!

 The Caribbean is about to become crypto friendly!

We have created a cryptocurrency coin and named it AxAi. It is a decentralized crypto token created under the secured user-friendly Waves platform.
Coin ID: A4tvKLB66QMmSJPXJgiajNnrtSjvqAapxTqLzJbBNFX.

The token will hopefully facilitate understanding of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology and its benefits.

No coin sales are currently possible but an Airdrop was open to the public from 10/10/18 until 12/30/18. This operation was launched for promotional purposes only.

AxAi is a cryptocurrency token for day to day smart and fast payment options from phone, PC and more. Take part, using AxAi tokens gives us the opportunity to be part of a growing cryptocurrency demand and facilitate online services.

AxAi token advantages:
– New tourism approach based on Blockchain technology
– Creation of an online marketplace
– Safe Deposit Box to safely store offline

Verification is required to comply with KYC/AML regulations and to protect your account from unauthorized access. Client verifications are usually completed within minutes but in some rare cases may take up to 24 hours. However, we take our time as we want to keep the best records possible.

AxAi Development Roadmap

  • 3rd quarter of 2018: Initial launch
    • Decentralized exchange (Waves platform)
    • AxAi Tokens release
  • Airdrop, Faucet and voting. Airdrops will only be distributed at the end of 3 T
    • White Listed Guests
    • Incorporated limited turnkey token act is costly and is an average of 20k to 75k. Details would be needed to provide an estimate. Only to direct you to the legal process ICO
  • 1st quarter of 2019
    • Website up and running
    • Integrations with multiple partners including tourism listing in platforms and Demo with merchant providers
    • Access to safe deposit offline storage
    • Insured verified wallets up to 70%
    • Extended instruments for partners and affiliates program: widgets, blog, video feed, translations
    • And a lot more to come thanks to you!

You can support the project on Waves client AxAi! This will provide faster results to facilitate team work.

Welcome to our new members… Thanks for signing up for Telegram group:
 To all of us holder’s get on board. 

as we must hit our goal to 15k members.

More info on utility token act can be found @