Dear community,

AxAi is still in the process of obtaining a license from Anguilla government.

This is uncharted territory and AxAi is proud to be the first token subject to scrutiny by regulators. We intend to fully comply with the Anguilla Utility Tokens Offering Act and AML/KYC procedures to ensure that our clients’ investments will be fully secured.

Once the license obtained we will proceed with a private sale for white listed members.

AxAi’s goal is to contribute to the development of tourism and promote the Caribbean island of Anguilla in particular as it is the birthplace of AxAi.

AxAi is a non-profit community project whose main objective is to make a positive contribution to the cryptocurrency community by proving that mass adoption is possible. Anguilla is the perfect testing ground as it is a small Caribbean island with tremendous potential for implementing use cases: new tourism approach, worldwide lottery, facilitating purchases and payments, online marketplace…the possibilities are endless.

You can help us in our journey by:

We thank you for your continuing patience and encourage you to HODL AxAi!

AxAi Team


AxAi Project Update

Dear community,

As you know, we have filed a request to become licensed under the Anguilla Utility Tokens Act.

Obtaining this license will allow us to proceed with the sale of our tokens.

This is a complex process that requires continuing patience.

However, we are making progress on numerous fronts:

We thank you our community for believing in our project.

Stay tuned!!