Donate and receive an immediate 5% return

xDear AxAi supporters,

We are requesting donations from the crypto community to help finance the creation of our tax-free crypto-token project.

We are currently in the process of obtaining a license from the Anguilla Financial Services Commission. We cannot sell tokens until we obtain that license.

So please DONATE Waves, Bitcoin, Etherium or XRP and we will MATCH your donation in AxAi Tokens and give you an additional 5% discount: this means that you will receive an immediate 5% return on your donation!

Example: If you donate 1 Bitcoin (market value $ 3 500) you will receive 411 765 AxAi Tokens current (market value $ 0.0085)! We will give you an immediate 5% discount on your donation so you’ll be receiving a total of 411 765 AxAi Tokens for the price of 0.95 Bitcoin!

Take advantage of this limited offer because it expires once our Tokens are put up for sale which will be when the FSC gives us our license…meaning in a few weeks at the latest!

Indeed, AxAi tokens will be listed on popular trading platforms in April 2019.

Please donate to the following addresses and reap the benefits:

  • WAVES : 3P3EkN6VfFir5Yz96Q2TcEBTTrQQj6qvn4B
  • BTC : 1Cee1EJGLET334inDavyAyQPsxCcxg7ePa
  • LTC : LTaqAA3z22wGJzzX64RkmmcE779QSvNpK6
  • XRP: rPEPPER7kfTD9w2To4CQk6UCfuHM9c6GDY

Note: You need to pass KYC (Know Your Customer) through the Yoti application to secure your AxAi Tokens:

KYC is MANDATORY to verify your identity and help fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Once you pass the KYC your AxAi Tokens will be deposited directly into the Waves wallet address you give us.

Your donations will help fund:

  1. The setup of our company infrastructure;
  2. The process of obtaining a license from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the FSC,
  3. The process of obtaining Tax-free status to secure your Cryptocurrency assets;
  4. The release of upcoming AxAi products;
  5. The listing of our AxAi Token on various famous exchanges;
  6. Hiring a webmaster, web content writers and media attention;
  7. Creating a competent and reliable technical team; and
  8. 1% of the donations will be given to a local animal shelter and veterinarian!

Please donate and help us make AxAi become a tax-free reality!

Thank you for supporting us and keep holding your AxAi!!


WAxai Gateway: What it is and how to use it

Dear community,

Do you have Bitcoins or Litecoins in your Waves wallet and want to avoid paying huge fees when withdrawing them?

I sure do and I bet you do too!

If so, use our WAxai-GATEWAY to withdraw your WBTC and WLTC (Bitcoin and Litecoin on waves-wallet) in less that 30mins and benefit from the lowest fees ever!!

Here is the list of fees and minimum/maximum amounts authorized in a TxN:


  • Fees: WBTC is 0.00055 (Transactions in between 0.001-0.050 BTC)
  • Fees: WBTC is 0.00050 (Transactions greater than in between 0.050-0.20 BTC)
  • Fees: WLTC is 0.0075 (Transactions in between 0.1-1 LTC)
  • Fees: WLTC is 0.00675 (Transactions in between 1.1-25 LTC)

  For WBTC:

  • Minimum Amount in a Txn: 0.001 BTC
  • Maximum Amount in a Txn: 0.2 BTC

  For WLTC:

  • Minimum Amount in a Txn: 0.1 LTC
  • Maximum Amount in a Txn: 25 LTC

  HOW TO DO IT with T&C:

  1. Visit Your WAVES Wallet
  2. Click BTC or LTC send button
  3. Enter Gateway address: 3PG3iKrREHEC8BhRymLngyZGvcfNb7T8sNs
  4. Input Amount e.g 0.20 BTC
  5. Paste Your external Bitcoin or Litecoin receiving addressing in the Description Box
  6. Press space bar twice and include Axai
  7. Click send


NOTE: We will also be Airdropping AxAi in the WAxAi Gateway…


Kind Crypto Regards from the AxAI Team

AxAi website is under construction and will be launched soon!

Dear community,

AxAi team thanks you for your patience while we prepare to launch our tax-free Caribbean cryptocurrency!

We are currently building our website which will:

  • Present all the information regarding AxAi project and real-world uses for our token,
  • Present our AxAi token and AIMining whitepapers in English and French,
  • Present our Leasing operations at the Waves Platform and Turtle Network,
  • Host our wordpress blog to keep you updated on our news, activities and announcements,
  • Host a forum to facilitate community discussions,
  • Provide links to all the exchange platforms where AxAi is listed,
  • Allow our clients to proceed with KYC verification for secured transactions, and
  • Provide our very own AxAi gateway so you can save 45% on cryptocurrency transaction fees!

This process takes a lot of time to finalize because we want to provide exceptional service to our clients and not just create another forgettable coin!!

Big news coming from AxAi in the coming weeks so STAY TUNED and KEEP HOLDING your AxAi!!

Kind Crypto Regards from the AxAi Team

LEASE your Turtles and EARN

Earn Passive Income by Leasing Turtles on AxAi’s Node Network

Dear AxAi community,

We invite you to LEASE your Turtles on Turtle Network to earn PASSIVE INCOME

Simply go to your Turtle Network home page, click on LEASE,
ENTER this address: 3JhLf8tzA1UJ9rorBoupoGsdm3ZukrncapY
and then ENTER the amount of Turtles you wish to lease.

LEASERS will EARN a 75% Transaction Reward EVERY MONTH!
The remaining 25% will go towards AIMining.

Your profits are generated automatically and paid out monthly.

All you have to do is set up the lease on by following our easy 4-step screenshot tutorial seen below:

  1. Login to your Turtle Network Account and click LEASE at the top of the page
  2. In the Recipient Box enter our address:
  3. In the Amount Box enter the amount of Turtles you wish to lease
  4. Click Start Leasing and you’re ready to earn!
STEP 1: On Turtle homepage click LEASE
STEP 2: In Recipient Box enter our address
STEP 3: In Amount Box Enter amount of Turtles you wish to lease
STEP 4: Click Lease and you’re ready to start earning!

TN Block Payment

AIMINING has released the following Block Payments:

Payout Fees: 75% (In TN), 25% to AIMINING holders

385355-386355 (1000 Blocks, Released in Block No:390632)

386356-390355 (4000 Blocks, Released in Block No:390654)

Thanks! for leasing TN.

As we are a New Node, We would like to offer a promotion of Total $10 ($5 Every month).
The promotion is valid only for next 60 days:

  1. Any Address leasing more than 100k TN will be eligible for reward.
  2. We may offer some BTC reward in future for long term loyality.


Dear AxAi community,

We invite you to LEASE your Waves with us to EARN weekly PROFITS.

Simply go to your Waves Client WALLET, click on LEASE, enter the amount of Waves you wish to lease and ENTER this address: 3PJgDho14MN1ueX7D1kp2XJ3McggppfdQeT

LEASERS will EARN a 90% Transaction Reward EVERY WEEK!
The remaining 10% will go towards operations maintenance.

Your profits are generated automatically and paid out weekly.

Generate PASSIVE INCOME simply by LEASING your WAVES to our NODE!

All you have to do is set up the lease by following our 5 step screenshot tutorial seen below:


AIMining Node Summary

Dear AxAi community,

Please read this important announcement concerning our AIMining Node:

Axai has setup its node on Turtle Node Network under the name ‘AIMining’.

AIMining is fully active since January 2019 and we would be thrilled to receive community support by leasing some more Turtle Nodes to our network so we can forge more blocks!

Node Owner: @Axai_token

Node Alias: aimining

Node Address: 3JhLf8tzA1UJ9rorBoupoGsdm3ZukrncapY

Telegram Group:

Node Token: AIMining (TurtleNode Network)

Node Website: (Currently under development)

Payout Period: Every 30 Days.

Fees Distributed: 75% to payout to lessors and 25% to AIMining holders.

Other details: We have our token named “AImining” on both TurtleNode and Waves networks. Turtle Node AImining Asset holders will get priority over Waves due to their more important leasing capabilities.

AxAi is moving on to big things this year so keep supporting us and stay tuned for more news!!