1. What is Game of Nodes?

Waves Decentralized Exchange Platform recently launched a Game of Nodes to “stimulate the development of the network of nodes that underpins the Waves ecosystem”.

The game started on July 24th, 2019 and will finish on September 18th, 2019. As explained in the original article published by Waves, “the core task of this challenge is to increase your stake by any available means, but mainly by attracting new WAVES leases. The node that achieves the most significant increase will receive a 1,000,000 WAVES addition to its leasing stake from the Waves team for one year, with the intention that they keep all additional profits generated by this stake”. 2nd and 3rd place will receive 600,000 and 400,000 Waves, respectively.

The WAVES team is taking a weekly snapshot of Waves nodes stakes to monitor and compare stake growth. You can consult the list of full nodes and their respective performance ratios by clicking this link and the snapshots taken by the Waves team by clicking here.

2. Support WAT Node! 3PJgDho14MN1ueX7D1kp2XJ3McggppfdQeT

AxAi is a AxAi is a cryptocurrency utility token based on the peer-to-peer decentralized Waves exchange. AxAi’s main objective is to contribute to the development of tourism. Various use cases will allow for the speedy payment of goods, services and commissions in Anguilla and around the world.

AxAi operates a full Node on Waves called WAT Node to generate rewards to its lessors. Rewards are paid in TN, Waves and coins donated by partners.

On August 17th, 2019, WAT Node forged its 31st block. To date, WAT Node has distributed 958.03 TN and 3115,7 Tradecoin tokens to its lessorss as rewards for leasing.

At present, AxAi is in the process of filing an application to obtain a license under the Anguilla Utility Tokens Offering Act. The purpose of being licensed is to secure the clients’ investments and fully comply with international AML/CMT regulations through thorough KYC verification. Join AxAi’s Telegram Group Chat to stay updated on AxAi’s news and achievements.

At the start of the Game of Nodes competition, WAT Node had approximately 2300 Waves leased. At writing (August 17th, 2019), WAT Node has close to 50,000 Waves leased. This represents an amazing 2000% increase in just over 3 weeks! You can consult the Node’s real time balance and transactions by clicking here.

Competition from other nodes is very stiff but WAT Node hopes that you will contribute to its development by leasing your Waves to it. Indeed, it is very important for Waves platform that leased Waves are evenly distributed to avoid any one Node from being too big. The purpose of decentralization is for every Node to have equal probability in the validation of blocks.

Although perfect equality is a pipe dream, YOU have the power to support either centralization or decentralization of the platform!

Support WAT Node by leasing your Waves: 3PJgDho14MN1ueX7D1kp2XJ3McggppfdQeT



Dear friends,

WAT Node has crossed 54K Waves leased!!📈🚀

Incredible +2200% increase in just 2 weeks 😀

Continue supporting WAT node by leasing your Waves👇

Lets bring WAT NODE to the moon and beyond🚀🚀


Incredible news folks!!😁

WAT Node has crossed 15K Waves leased!!📈

This represents an amazing +500% increase in just a few days!!🚀

Support WAT Node by leasing your Waves👇

Our next target of 20K Waves is in sight!! 🙈🙉🐵

With your support can do it friends💪

Read the full article about the exciting Game of Nodes on Waves blog.

Join AxAi Telegram Group Chat for discussion and regular AxAi and WAT node updates.


Dear community,

Waves platform is organizing the “Game of Nodes” competition to help incentivise more people to run full nodes.😁

In a nutshell, nodes validate transactions and contribute to strengthening the Blockchain by increasing decentralization. 💪

Support WAT node by leasing your Waves👇

👉 WAT node on Waves Explorer 👈

By leasing, you will earn Waves proportional to your stake in the Node every time we forge a block!😁

If you are unfamiliar with leasing, PM admin of AxAi Telegram Group Chat for instructions🤗

The three nodes that increase their leasing stake the most within an eight week period will receive additional leases 1 million, 600K and 400K Waves!!


Let’s it make it happen folks!! 🤟

Read the full article on the “Game of Nodes” competition here👇


Dear community,

AxAi is still in the process of obtaining a license from Anguilla government.

This is uncharted territory and AxAi is proud to be the first token subject to scrutiny by regulators. We intend to fully comply with the Anguilla Utility Tokens Offering Act and AML/KYC procedures to ensure that our clients’ investments will be fully secured.

Once the license obtained we will proceed with a private sale for white listed members.

AxAi’s goal is to contribute to the development of tourism and promote the Caribbean island of Anguilla in particular as it is the birthplace of AxAi.

AxAi is a non-profit community project whose main objective is to make a positive contribution to the cryptocurrency community by proving that mass adoption is possible. Anguilla is the perfect testing ground as it is a small Caribbean island with tremendous potential for implementing use cases: new tourism approach, worldwide lottery, facilitating purchases and payments, online marketplace…the possibilities are endless.

You can help us in our journey by:

We thank you for your continuing patience and encourage you to HODL AxAi!

AxAi Team

AxAi is listed on Trustamust!

Trustamust is the 1st crowdfunding incubator on Blockchain that allows the crypto community to vote on projects they deem worthy of trust and attention.

We are honored to be listed 🙏

Please show your support by voting for AxAi 👇 #crypto#axai_token

Instructions to vote:
1 – Install Waves Keeper on your browser
2- Click on link above
3- Click on “Vote” for AxAi
4- Buy 10 WCT on Waves Decentralized Exchange
3- Cast your vote!


AxAi Project Update

Dear community,

As you know, we have filed a request to become licensed under the Anguilla Utility Tokens Act.

Obtaining this license will allow us to proceed with the sale of our tokens.

This is a complex process that requires continuing patience.

However, we are making progress on numerous fronts:

We thank you our community for believing in our project.

Stay tuned!!