Our Node has crossed 1700 Waves!

‘WAT’ Node leasing has crossed more than 1700 Waves and reached to 1736 Waves!!

Node Growth: +7.028%

Still More to Go. This is just the beginning of our Journey!

Contribute us by leasing Waves to our Node Address to make WAT stronger

Node address: https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PJgDho14MN1ueX7D1kp2XJ3McggppfdQeT


TN Block Payment

AIMINING has released the following Block Payments:

Payout Fees: 75% (In TN), 25% to AIMINING holders

385355-386355 (1000 Blocks, Released in Block No:390632)

386356-390355 (4000 Blocks, Released in Block No:390654)

Thanks! for leasing TN.

As we are a New Node, We would like to offer a promotion of Total $10 ($5 Every month).
The promotion is valid only for next 60 days:

  1. Any Address leasing more than 100k TN will be eligible for reward.
  2. We may offer some BTC reward in future for long term loyality.